VK Full Stack Developer

Vegas Kings is looking for a Full Stack Developer

Vegas Kings is looking for a Full House/Stack Developer to join our team in Cape Town,

We are looking for someone to come champion our back-end department and grow with the business, developing, managing and building Power projects. 

Essential skills: 

  • HTML and HTML5, CSS and CSS3, JS and its libraries for basic UI design.
  • AJAX/JSON for dynamic UI.
  • Frontend frameworks like js, react.js
  • Responsive designand cross-browser compatibility
  • Server side languages and frameworks like PHP, js, ROR, Django, etc
  • Servers like Apache, nginx, etc.
  • Databases (both NoSQLand RDBMS)
  • Knowledge of both development and production environments
  • Test Driven Development a.k.a. TDD
  • Virtualization and sandboxing

Other Important skills:

  • Hybrid development skills like android/iOS app development
  • UI/UX design

Minimum 3 years web development experience.

Please send your CV to contact@vegaskings.com to apply

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