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Why Angular Is A Suitable Choice For iGaming Websites

The global iGaming industry is massive, and the demand for immersive iGaming experiences continues to soar. The way people participate in online casino games, sports betting, and poker has been completely transformed by the internet. This demand is fueled by increased internet usage and the rising use of mobile devices to access and play games on iGaming platforms.

To keep millions of users engaged in real-time on iGaming websites, the success of the website depends not only on the captivating games and attractive promotions but also on its underlying technological framework.

Choosing the right framework for developing such interactive and robust iGaming websites is paramount, so why not build the website with the same framework used for  building some of the world’s largest platforms, like Google itself?

In this article, we will delve into the reasons why Angular stands out as a suitable framework for developing iGaming websites and explore how it empowers developers to create cutting-edge gaming experiences.

Angular is a powerful open-source JavaScript framework developed by Google for building web applications. It is ideal for building scalable, robust, and high-performing applications that can manage insanely high traffic.

Angular is a versatile and impressive framework for all kinds of web applications, including bespoke iGaming websites. Here are a few reasons why you should consider developing your iGaming website with Angular!

1) Robust and Scalable
High traffic volumes are common on iGaming websites, especially during peak gaming periods. With its scalable and robust nature, Angular can effortlessly manage even the most intense gaming scenarios. Real-time updates, interactive interfaces, and complex data handling are easy for Angular, which ensures uninterrupted gaming experiences that keep players hooked.

Angular’s modular architecture and component-based structure facilitate scalability, allowing developers to efficiently handle increased user load and rapidly adapt to changing demands. This ensures that the website can handle heavy traffic while still providing users with uninterrupted gaming experiences.

Angular optimises loading times and file sizes by utilising techniques such as lazy loading, ahead-of-time (AOT) compilation, and tree shaking. Angular Universal enables server-side rendering, which improves performance and user experience. Angular’s scalability features make it easier to handle increased user load, which ensures smooth performance even during peak traffic periods.

This is one of the ways in which Angular as a development framework for iGaming websites helps to win the attention and engagement of players.

2) Large and Active Community
The Angular framework has garnered a lot of support from a vibrant community of passionate developers who constantly push the boundaries of what’s possible. Within this community lie a ton of resources, libraries, and plugins that enhance your iGaming website. Regular updates, bug fixes, and ongoing support ensure that Angular remains a stable and state-of-the-art framework that is ready to take your iGaming website to new heights.

3) Enhanced User Experience
As we’ve mentioned, iGaming on mobile devices is on the rise, which is exactly why Angular’s built-in support for responsive design and mobile optimisation makes it a great framework of choice for iGaming websites. Angular’s UX/UI capabilities don’t fall short either, as developers can build user-friendly and intuitive interfaces coupled with the ability to add animations and transitions.

4) Real-time updates and live streaming
iGaming websites often cater to sports fans who use the websites for sports betting. Developers can pass the ball to Angular’s two-way data binding and reactive programming capabilities, which make it well-suited for iGaming platforms that require real-time updates and live streaming features.

For users taking part in live sports betting, poker tournaments, or casino games, developers can use Angular’s strong data binding to display live odds, scores, and game updates in real-time. This increases user excitement and engagement, as players feel the adrenaline rush as they witness every twist and turn of the game.

5) TypeScript Support
Angular is built using TypeScript, a statically typed superset of JavaScript. TypeScript offers benefits such as type checking, improved code navigation, autocompletion, and better tooling support. These features speed up development, reduce errors, and improve code maintainability, all of which are critical for large-scale iGaming projects and ensure that the project unfolds with precision.

6) Security
There are often millions on the line in competitive iGaming. That is why it is essential to ensure the security of user data, and Angular takes this responsibility seriously by offering built-in security features that protect sensitive information.

Cross-site scripting (XSS) and cross-site request forgery (CSRF) are two common security flaws that are mitigated by the security features built into Angular, such as DOM sanitization, CSRF protection, and a strong HTTP client. Additionally, Angular’s strong typing and code structure help developers write more secure and maintainable code.

7) Cross-Platform Development
Angular supports cross-platform development, which provides development teams like ours with an “ace up our sleeve” for building iGaming websites that work flawlessly across different devices and platforms.

With Angular, we can create a single codebase and deploy it across desktop, web, and mobile platforms. This significantly reduces development efforts and allows for consistent user experiences across various devices.

8) Third-Party Integrations
iGaming websites frequently need to integrate with different third-party services that amplify the gaming experience, including payment gateways, authentication services, and data feeds. Angular’s compatibility with external APIs and its flexibility for custom integrations make it easier for developers to integrate these services into iGaming websites to add an extra layer of excitement and functionality. This simplifies the development process and allows for improved functionality and user convenience.

9) Internationalisation and Localization
Highly successful iGaming websites attract players from around the world. With lots of the iGaming action happening live globally, these iGaming websites need to support multiple languages, regions, and currencies.

The built-in internationalisation (i18n) support offered by Angular makes it simple for developers to translate and localise the website’s content to keep users engaged no matter where they are playing from. This feature is essential for providing users with a customised experience while adhering to local legal requirements in specific  jurisdictions, where applicable. Angular does not include automatic currency conversion, but because of Angular’s ability to integrate with APIs, developers can simply connect to an API that can fulfill this requirement.

10) Testability and Maintainability
Angular provides a robust testing framework that allows developers to write unit tests, integration tests, and end-to-end tests for their iGaming applications.

The framework’s dependency injection system simplifies the mocking of dependencies, making it easier to isolate and test different components of the website, piece by piece. The result? More reliable codebases that can withstand the test of time and maintainability challenges.

Angular emerges as a champion in the world of iGaming development, providing the perfect framework for crafting immersive and robust gaming experiences. With Angular’s scalability, community support, user-centric features, real-time capabilities, TypeScript benefits, security measures, cross-platform compatibility, third-party integrations, multilingual support, and reliable testing framework, developers are equipped to build iGaming platforms that captivate players worldwide.

Ready to go all in on a highly lucrative iGaming venture? Let’s have a chat. We’ve been building custom iGaming platforms for over two and a half decades, and we would love to see how we can help you with a winning iGaming website.

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