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Intralot, a pioneer in the global lottery and gaming industry since 1992, embarked on a transformative journey with us to redefine their digital presence. Our collaboration was marked by the design of their white label site as well as their terminal interface, aimed to serve as a standard-bearer for their technological and creative prowess.

Website Desktop & Mobile Design

The core of our task was to design Intralot’s white label site, intended to showcase the high quality and potential of their product to clients.

This large-scale, design-focused project aimed to embody the innovative and technological prowess of Intralot, creating a website that was both visually appealing and functionally advanced.

Mobile App


Expanding our scope, we also undertook the design of a mobile application interface for Intralot.

This interface was tailored for both Android and iPhone platforms, ensuring a seamless user experience across devices.

The design emphasized intuitive navigation and aesthetic alignment with the white label site, reinforcing Intralot’s brand identity in the mobile gaming domain.

Terminal Interface Design

In addition to the digital designs, our deliverables included the creation of physical terminal interface designs, mirroring the aesthetics of the website.

This continuity in design between digital and physical interfaces underlined our commitment to creating a unified and immersive user experience for Intralot’s audience.

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