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The collaboration between Vegas Kings and Tipico US represents a significant milestone in our journey as a leading Web Design and Development Agency in the iGaming industry. Over the course of three years, our partnership with Tipico US has been marked by a series of successful projects, each tailored to meet the dynamic needs of this powerhouse in the online gaming sector.

US Launch Website

In 2020, we had the opportunity to design the Tipico US website for their launch in the United States. This project involved creating a website that was not only visually striking but also user-friendly and efficient. Our team focused on delivering a seamless online experience that mirrored Tipico US’s commitment to quality and innovation in the iGaming sector. Our role extended beyond traditional design; it involved closely collaborating with Tipico’s development team to ensure that our vision for the website was accurately and effectively realized. The website served as a cornerstone of their digital presence, effectively translating their brand vision into an engaging online platform for the new market they were entering into.

Ohio State


Landing Page

Tipico approached our team to create a pre-launch site to captivate and engage users in a state that was earmarked for sports betting legalization. The page was not just a gateway to Tipico US’s offerings but also a reflection of their brand ethos. By combining aesthetic appeal with user-friendly design, we ensured that the landing page was a unique blend of style and substance, contributing significantly to brand awareness and engagement.

Banner Campaigns

In the realm of digital advertising, our banners for Tipico US stood out for their creativity and impact. We focused on creating visually appealing HTML5 animated and static social banners that resonated with the target audience, driving both engagement and click-through rates. Our approach was to blend branding elements with compelling imagery and provocative messaging, making each banner not just an ad but a statement.
Throughout this long-standing relationship, our commitment to delivering exceptional and innovative solutions has been unwavering. The scope and variety of our work for Tipico US demonstrate our versatility and ability to adapt to the evolving needs of the iGaming industry. This collaboration stands as a testament to Vegas Kings’ dedication to excellence and our capacity to drive meaningful results for our clients.

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