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The project to design and develop the front-end for www.playtsogo.co.za stands as a hallmark of the successful collaboration between Vegas Kings and Tsogo Sun, one of South Africa’s premier gaming, hotel, and entertainment groups. This venture was an opportunity to blend technical expertise with creative design to craft a leading online casino platform.


with Playtech

A pivotal aspect of this project was our understanding and experience with the Playtech system. Renowned for their extensive experience in online gaming solutions, the Playtech platform was instrumental in ensuring the project’s success. Working closely together, we managed to complete the site within the set timelines and budget for our client. This collaboration highlighted our ability to synergize with industry-leading partners to deliver exceptional results.

Front-End Design

and Development

The design and development of www.playtsogo.co.za required a focused approach that aligned with Tsogo Sun’s esteemed brand identity. Throughout the project, our relationship with Tsogo Sun was characterized by mutual support and open communication. This positive collaboration ensured we stayed on track to meet our deadlines. When challenges arose, our combined efforts facilitated quick and effective solutions, preventing any significant delays. This approach was not just about problem-solving; it was a testament to the power of collaborative spirit to achieve an exceptional result.
Our work on www.playtsogo.co.za reflects Vegas Kings’ commitment to excellence in digital design and development. By marrying our creative vision with Tsogo Sun’s prestigious brand and Playtech’s robust platform, we delivered a product that stands out in the competitive world of online gaming.

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